Welcome to Healthy Strawberry Farm official website. Look for the signboard "Healthy Strawberry Farm" along Cameron Golf Course stretch. Journey along the road and find our beautiful strawberry farm nestled on the end of the road. Those who have visited our farm had a great time picking abundant, large, luscious and sweet strawberries. Some of our fresh strawberries are organically grown. Besides, our strawberries are also reasonably priced. Check out our menu. Among some of the must-try food and snacks are fresh strawberries with cream and Hershey's chocolate, homemade strawberry syrup, fresh strawberry with ice-cream scoop and genuine strawberry ice-stick. You'll definitely like the delicious fruit taste that families have enjoyed over the years.

Must try is our pure whole-fruit, natural tasting strawberry jam that is available for sale at the counter. Some described the taste fresh and fruity while others simply loved the sweet real flavour. On the other hand, our homemade strawberry syrup will give you a mild, sweet, and authentic taste of strawberries. Besides self-plucking strawberries, our farm also houses plenty of quirky and rare-looking cacti and blooming flowers. Fragrant and blooming potted flowers are available for sale. Our family run business has been operating for forty years, started from a small farm and our farm has been trying for awhile to go as completely chemical-free as possible(with Korean technology).
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